Current Connections - Articles 1 & 2


The Flood Solutions Strategy is a 125 page report that aims to help members of the Elk Valley prepare for future floods. It provides a foundational understanding in the hydrology and behaviour of the watershed, future effects of land use and climate change, and flood management strategies that would effectively protect people and critical infrastructure, as well as protect watershed function and wildlife habitat.  However, we know that not everyone has the time to read 125 pages, and so we have broken the report down into bite-sized, tasty articles that are available from the Free Press! 

Check out Current Connections Article 1 to find out about how the natural history and geology of the Elk Valley affects flooding in the region, and check out Article 2 to find out how community has and is responding to flooding in the Elk Valley!



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Wild About Wetlands

Learn all about wetlands, help collect field data and enjoy a free dinner too!


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Thanks Streamkeepers Volunteers


For this "Water Quality Wednesday" I'd like to give a shout out to all of the amazing Streamkeepers volunteers who have come out to help collect high and low flow water quality data! Since 2011, we've tallied over 1000 volunteer hours for our community-based water monitoring program. WOW! Thanks Streamkeepers, for all of your hard work and dedication to monitoring water quality in the Elk Valley and for your contribution to increasing waters literacy in the area.

To see some of the data that these incredible volunteers have collected, visit the resource section of our website:

Are you interested in becoming a Streamkeeper? Let us know! The ERA will be facilitating another Streamkeepers course later this summer. Stay tuned for details!! 

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Elk River Flood Strategy Release


The last three major floods in the Elk River watershed in 1974, 1995 and 2013 all occurred in June.  So it is perfect timing to release the Elk River Flood Strategy, a project facilitated and coordinated by the Elk River Alliance.  Following the 2013 flood, decision makers from local government, industry and community met to discuss the event and reached consensus that to prepare for future floods in the Elk Valley we needed to better understand the hydrology and behaviour of the watershed, future effects of land use and climate change, and flood management strategies that would effectively protect people and critical infrastructure, as well as protect watershed function and wildlife habitat.  This proactive, holistic, watershed wide strategy is the result of consultation with a broad range of stakeholders, governments and community and maps a way forward toward water sustainability.  


Read the short 4-Page Executive Summary here.  


For the full report click here.  


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Crafty Comedy

A local brew-ha-ha! 

Join us for a night of infectious laughter, local beer and tasty food on July 30th at the Fernie Community Centre from 8-11pm. This evening will feature 3 hilarious comedians from across Canada: Ken Valgardson, Dan Clarke and Drew Behm, representing the Laugh Shop—Live Stand Up. Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 at the door. Profits will support the Elk River Alliance!

Buy tickets HERE

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Water Quality Wednesdays

Check out the "water quality" section of our resources tab! The Elk River Alliance will be sharing water quality data collected through the community-based water monitoring program every Wednesday. Keep posted to the website or our Facebook page to learn more about water quality on Lizard and Alexander Creeks in the Elk Valley.   

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Thanks to Everyone who participated in the Maiden Lake Weed Pull!


On May 21st, 16 adults and 7 kids helped to pull 21 FULL garbage bags of spotted knapweed from the banks of Maiden Lake. Shout-outs to all of you excellent community stewards!! Including, volunteers from the Elk River AllianceWildsightthe Fernie Nature Club, the East Kootenay Invasive Plants Council. Nice work everyone!!

Also, thanks to Teck for generously funding snacks and supplies for volunteers! 



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Maiden Lake Weed Pull-- May 21st



Join the Elk River Alliance, Wildsight and the East Kootenay Invasive Plants Council at Maiden Lake on May 21st from 1-3pm to for an invasive weed pull targeting spotted knapweed. Refreshments will be provided, please RSVP to so we can prepare. Meet at Maiden Lake if you'd like to participate. If possible, bring gloves and a small garden shovel/trowel. Long sleeves are recommended.

To learn more about why invasive species are a problem, click here. Invasive plants are recognized as the second biggest threat to global biodiversity, after habitat loss. If you'd like to learn more about spotted knapweed, click here

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Elk Watershed Discovery Camp 2016

The Elk River Alliance is hosting an experiential summer day camp for youth aged 10-14. Youth will get their hands wet and feet muddy exploring mountains, marshes, forests and rivers. Activities include: hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, geocaching, canoeing, fishing, floating, wild yoga, water science and MORE. 

Participants will learn practical, hands-on skills and meet professionals who work in various environmental careers. Skills acquired during the camp include: water safety and river rescue; GPS mapping and computer modelling; assessing river and riparian health; thinking like a fish; reading mountain geology and glacial history.

 Two camp week options: 1) July 25-29 and 2) August 8-12. Cost: $325/week for each participant. Sign up before June 1st and receive a $75 early registration discount ($250/week). If multiple family members register, siblings are $250 each. Additional subsidies are available if required. Contact Ayla Bennett from the Elk River Alliance for more information by phone (250) 423-8799, or e-mail or visit Register at the College of the Rockies—Fernie campus. 



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Current Elk River Flood Update for Developers and Realtors

Building, renovating, or selling property in the Elk Valley? Join us April 11th for an up-to-date look at flooding in the Elk Valley and how it affects your clients.


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