Community care for Elk River at clean-up Community care for Elk River at clean-up

Community members showed up to demonstrate their love and care of the Elk River at the seventh annual Shoreline Clean-up on Sunday October 1.

“So many people enjoyed the cool, clear, clean waters of the Elk River during this hot dry summer,” said Lee-Anne Walker, Elk River Alliance (ERA) Executive Director. “I’ve never seen so many floaters, fishers, paddlers, dogs swimming, people picnicking, throwing rocks and generally appreciating this ribbon of life connecting our communities.”

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ERA makes beavers their friends

The Free Press: Elk River Alliance makes beavers their friends

 Jan. 28, 2018 10:00 a.m.

Beavers can be a real pain.

They flood golf courses, they fell trees; they can completely change the landscape of someone’s property.

The traditional solution is to simply rid of them—but the Elk River Alliance says that there’s a better solution for these animals, who also provide critical benefits to the ecosystem.

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Elk River Map and Guide

The Free Press: The Elk River Alliance has released their first ever Elk River Map and Guide

A waterproof guide to public access points, safe sections, fishing tips and regulations.

 Jul. 30, 2017 12:00 p.m

This ultimate guide to touring the Elk River has been created with the help of local fishers, municipal planners, tourism professionals, river guides and paddlers.

The Map will feature public access points, recommendations for sections of the river that are safe to travel on, natural and cultural information about the river, and easy to understand fishing tips and regulations.

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