Community Based Water Monitoring (CBWM)

Healthy tributaries contribute to the health of the Elk River watershed. CBWM is a useful way to fill information gaps within existing watershed data and to increase public access to this information utilizing a citizen science approach. Elk River Alliance staff, board members and Streamkeeper volunteers have been monitoring water quality in the watershed since 2011. Monitoring currently occurs at two locations: Lizard Creek, downstream of Fernie, and Alexander Creek, a tributary of Michel Creek.

In 2013 the Elk River Alliance released a Water Quality Monitoring Report with the goal of sharing information and supporting the public’s right to know about their water quality.  The program has also facilitated Streamkeepers training (standardized citizen science water monitoring course) and identified areas of concern leading to grants for restoration and enhancement projects.

More details about our CBWM program can be found here. The ERA is also involved in a number of other community water quality projects.

Elk River Flood Solution Strategy

The Elk River Alliance is working to support watershed decision makers and the public with information and data analysis recommending solution options to flooding impacts in the Elk River watershed.  Priority is focused on personal safety and the protection of homes and infrastructure, with attention on enhancing watershed function and wildlife habitat. This project is a partnership between local governments, academics, scientific experts, and community based water groups.

Click here for more details and continue to watch our website/Facebook for updates.

Elk Watershed Discovery Camp

Are you 10-14 years old? Interested in learning practical, hands-on skills while exploring the Elk River Watershed by raft, canoe, bike and on foot? Join the Elk Watershed Discovery Camp! Spend your days hiking, rafting, canoeing, fishing, floating and wading in the Elk River. Participants will also hear from local professionals and learn skills including GPS mapping, swift water rescue techniques, water quality monitoring, wild yoga and more!

Click here for a short video clip on the camp! 

Click here for more details and registration information!

Lizard Creek Bank Restoration

The project is aimed at reducing future erosion and decrease sedimentation by exploring the use of innovative riparian restoration techniques (such as wattle fencing, live bank protection, riparian planting of seedlings and cutting, live palisades, modified brush layers and natural erosion cloth) at two restoration sites in Lizard Creek adjacent to the adjacent Mount Fernie Provincial Park Campground. The work will provide more stable banks and in-stream shade for fish habitat, as well as increased learning opportunities for visitors to the Park.

In October 2014 volunteers completed Phase I of the restoration, planting native species along the bank. A visit to the site in May 2015 revealed a high survival rate; click here for details. We will continue to monitor their growth with excitement.

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