Science & Stewardship

The Elk River Alliance collects watershed science and data to prioritize community stewardship action that protects, enhances and restores aquatic ecosystems. 

Current/On-Going Science & Stewardship projects

Community-based Water MonitoringHealthy tributaries contribute to the health of the Elk River watershed. CBWM is a useful way to fill information gaps within existing watershed data and to increase public access to this information utilizing a citizen science approach. Elk River Alliance staff, board members and Streamkeepers volunteers have been monitoring water quality in the watershed since 2011. Monitoring currently occurs at two locations: Lizard Creek (west of Fernie) and Alexander Creek (a tributary of Michel Creek, east of Sparwood). In 2013 the Elk River Alliance released a Water Quality Monitoring Report with the goal of sharing information and supporting the public’s right to know about their water quality.  The program has also facilitated Streamkeepers training (standardized citizen science water monitoring course) and identified areas of concern leading to grants for restoration and enhancement projects. The ERA is also involved in a number of other community water quality projects, click here for more information.

Accepting Beavers and Enhancing Wetlands. This wetland enhancement project is aimed at developing strategies to live harmoniously with beavers in order to maintain healthy and robust wetlands located in Fernie and to improve overall wetland health through community action and education. The two key goals of this project are to enhance and protect healthy wetland characteristics created by beaver activity and increase public awareness, understanding and appreciation of local wetland form and function.


Past Science & Stewardship projects

Walk through narration of Morrissey Cottonwoods. Video in partnership with Nature Conservancy of Canada, narrarated by Lee-Anne Walker. Click here to view.

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