Watershed Decision-Making

ERA convenes and facilitates community input to encourage sustainable watershed decision-making. 

Current/On-Going Watershed Decision-Making projects

Elk River Flood Committee. Convened and facilitated by the ERA to promote a collaborative and coordinated approach to the recommendations from the Elk River Flood Strategy, 5 years after the destructive 2013 flood. The ERA is working to support watershed decision makers and the public with information and data analysis recommending solution options to flooding impacts in the Elk River watershed.  Priority is focused on personal safety and the protection of homes and infrastructure, with attention on enhancing watershed function and wildlife habitat. This project is a partnership between local governments, academics, scientific experts, and community based water groups. Click here for more information on the Flood Solution Strategy. Published reports include a short 4-Page Executive Summary, as well as the full Elk River Flood Strategy 

Elk Valley Cumulative Effects Management Framework. Participated in this Working Group since 2012. Click here for more information on Elk Valley CEMF. 

Elk Valley/Crowsnest Pass Communities of InterestRepresenting environmental non-government organizations and as a founding member of the Steering Committee. For more information, visit the EV/CNP Communities of Interest website

Past Watershed Decision-Making projects

Presented at 'Water Data Hub: Cracking the Code in 3-D'. Participated as a speaker, to presenters and facilitators at the Living Lakes Canada/Columbia Basin in Invermere fall 2017. Currently implementing the recommendations as part of the committee in 2018. Click here for conference information. 


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