A healthy river ecosystem that sustains the Elk Valley for present and future generations.


Operating since 2010, the Elk River Alliance is a community-based water charity that connects people to the Elk River using science, education and community collaboration to ensure sustainable stewardship of the Elk River watershed. 

Guiding Principles

  • Stimulate conversation, share information and facilitate community input to encourage sustainable water decision-making in the Elk Valley.
  • Promote a new ERA in watershed thinking by coordinating a community voice to contribute to watershed planning and management activities, regulatory processes and other regional water initiatives.
  • Bring together diverse points of view and offer a safe place to dialogue about the Elk River.
  • Unite not divide


ERA uses education and outreach programs that raise watershed literacy, informs sustainable water decision-making and collects science to prioritize community involvement that protects, enhances and restores aquatic ecosystems.

ERA Goals

  1. Facilitate dialogue, collaboration and community engagement across the watershed, undertaking education to promote environmental literacy and awareness.
  2. Collect, interpret and use scientific data to protect and restore the Elk River watershed. 
  3. Promote safe and environmentally responsible use of the Elk River.