Beaver Buddies

Beaver Buddies is a fun, place-based educational program designed for kids grades K-4 to learn about our watershed partner - the beaver! During the Beaver Buddy program, participants will examine the industrious nature of the beaver, from it's biology to it's role in the ecosystem as a keystone species. Participants will explore beaver habitat within the Elk Valley watershed, and see first hand the impact beavers can have in changing the landscape to create entirely new wetland environments. Most importantly, participants will leave with a renewed sense of appreciation for beavers, and have an idea of how people can learn to live harmoniously with the wildlife that share this Valley with us. 

If you are a teacher in SD5 and are interested in booking this program for your classroom, please contact us for more information! 

Click here for information on a past student-led restoration initiative to make the Beaver Wetland in Sparwood better for beavers!