Westslope Cutthroat Trout Population Assessment

Teck commissioned a multi-year assessment on the current status and overall health of Westslope Cutthroat Trout in the Fording River watershed. This study was conducted by Westslope Fisheries Ltd. from 2012 to 2015, and the results provide an analytical look at how healthy, robust and sustainable the Westslope Cutthroat Trout population is. If you have concerns regarding resource development and recreational use in the area, you can read the report here!  WCT.png

Stoked on Fishing in Fernie?

Do you think fly fishing in Fernie is the bee's knees? You're not alone! Check out the fly fishing episode in the '#FernieStoke Original Series" where Peter Harrison-Edge shares why fly fishing in Fernie, British Columbia is such a unique experience.


Elko Water Conveyance Project

If you've been curious as to what the future looks like for the Elko Dam, here's a glimpse at what is happening. 


Alexander Creek Restoration Underway!

The ecological restoration work on Alexander Creek is well underway and looking good! 

On Monday volunteers took cuttings from cottonwood, willow and dogwood plants, and yesterday staff and one extremely dedicated volunteer got up super early to finish the job. We planted two rows of brush layers containing the cuttings along the eroded slope, and in the spring time when the snow melts the cuttings will come out of dormancy and begin to grow roots and shoots. 

Over time the roots will spread through the soil and stabilize the slope without the need for riprap. Footer logs and root wads where also placed at the base of the slope to deflect the energy of the stream away from the stream bank, with the added bonus of providing fish habitat.  

A huge thank you to all the volunteers that helped out with this project! And also a big thanks to our funders that have made this possible: Lotic Environmental, Teck, Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Sparwood and District Fish and Wildlife Association, Columbia Basin Trust, Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program and Canfor. 


Flood Strategy Video

As part of Thomas Porter's final project for a University of Lethbridge geography course, this BSc student produced "Understanding our watershed: assessing flood risk in the Elk River watershed'.  This video highlights a unique approach and partnership between community-based water group the Elk River Alliance and academics from the University of Lethbridge.  Citizens, academics, professionals, and community leaders all contributed to the development of this grassroots initiated flood strategy following the 2013 flood and which was completed in May 2016.

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Sparwood Beaver Wetland Project


In May 2016, Mrs. Purdy’s grade 4 class and Mrs. Kroeker’s grade 8 class joined forces with the Elk River Alliance, Elk Valley Wildsight, and the East Kootenay Invasive Species Council to help restore the Beaver Wetland in Sparwood. The students helped with wetland mapping, identification and removal of invasive plant species, planting native vegetation, examining the benthic invertebrate population of the wetland as well as contributing to the excellent signage posted at the Beaver Wetland, see signs below! 

A big thanks to the students, and also to our funders: BC Wildlife Federation, Environment Canada, District of Sparwood, Sparwood Community Futures, Elk Valley Thrift Store Society 

Upcoming Bioengineering Projects

We have some amazing bioengineering projects coming up, and they need some volunteers just like you!

On Lizard Creek we are have previously worked to stabilize an eroded bank, and are going back on October 17 & 19 for some further enhancement. If you're interested in learning about bioengineering methods, we're looking at you! Message [email protected] for details!

We are also working on a bank stabilization project on Alexander Creek and will be conducting the first step in this process on October 22: a site cleanup and planting party! We'll also start taking cuttings to be used for the rest of the project on November 7. Again, message [email protected] if you're interested in learning something new and unique!


Elk River Shoreline Cleanup

Join us for this year's 6th annual Elk River Shoreline Cleanup! We meet in Fernie at the Annex Park, Sparwood at the Leisure Centre and Elkford at the Aquatic Centre to adopt sites along the river and clean them up at 1pm on September 25th! Join us for the clean up and then celebrate in a volunteer appreciation event afterwards! Get involved and show your love for the Elk River!


Current Connections - Knowing Where the River May Go

Are you interested in knowing where the Elk River could rise to in the event of a flood? Wondering if you are located in the floodplain? Look no further! The Free Press has published another one of our articles, Current Connections - Knowing Where the River May Go!

This article looks at the current and future predicted flood regime, including details about hydrological models and web-based visualization tool produced in the Flood Strategy to help explain flooding in the area. Check it out! 


Women on the Fly

Calling all ladies!

Interested in coming out for an evening fly fishing with other keen fisherwomen, or keen to just learn about fly fishing in the area? Then this is an opportunity for you!

Come get together with some gals to go fishing on August 23 with Women on the Fly! Women on the Fly will meet at the Wildsight/Elk River Alliance office (891 2nd Ave, Fernie BC) at 6:30PM and then head out fishing at a few places in town and/or out by Fernie Alpine Resort.

There is no cost but a valid fishing license is mandatory to fish in the stream. If you're interested in coming to hang out but don't have a license, we would like to encourage you to come join and learn to cast on land!