Elk River Flood Strategy Release


The last three major floods in the Elk River watershed in 1974, 1995 and 2013 all occurred in June.  So it is perfect timing to release the Elk River Flood Strategy, a project facilitated and coordinated by the Elk River Alliance.  Following the 2013 flood, decision makers from local government, industry and community met to discuss the event and reached consensus that to prepare for future floods in the Elk Valley we needed to better understand the hydrology and behaviour of the watershed, future effects of land use and climate change, and flood management strategies that would effectively protect people and critical infrastructure, as well as protect watershed function and wildlife habitat.  This proactive, holistic, watershed wide strategy is the result of consultation with a broad range of stakeholders, governments and community and maps a way forward toward water sustainability.  


Read the short 4-Page Executive Summary here.  


For the full report click here.  


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