Elk River Flood Strategy

The Elk River Flood Solution Strategy documents are now complete! Click here to review the Executive Summary and Final Report. 


Flooding has the potential to cause significant impacts to economic activities as well as disrupt or displace populations, not to mention the risk to human safety. Recovery efforts from events can be lengthy and have huge economic impacts both in loss of revenue and cost of repair. Changes in physical characteristics, economic practices, or human actions can impact the hydrology of a watershed. The proposed Elk River Alliance (ERA) Elk River Flood Solutions Strategy (Flood Strategy) seeks to investigate existing conditions in the watershed an model a range of potential future climate variability and land use changes to identify possible hydrological outcomes that can affect flooding in the Elk Valley. This Flood Strategy also involves extensive public education and outreach throughout the watershed to raise flood literacy and public input on suggested flood mitigation strategies. The final Flood Strategy report will add value to municipal governments interested in preparing funding applications for infrastructure concepts to mitigate against future floods. 

The Elk River Alliance would like to thank Elk Valley community residents for participating in the 2015 Elk River Flood Solutions Strategy community survey.  Here is a copy of the results.  



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