ERA and BC's New Water Law


ERA executive director Lee-Anne Walker comments on a new report from POLIS: "Awash with Opportunity: Ensuring the Sustainability of B.C.'s New Water Law. Your ideas are needed!

"As the BC Government enacts the new BC Water Sustainability Act, replacing the 106-year old Water Act, the Elk River Alliance supports this new approach which includes, among many other aspects, bottom-up, community coordinated planning and decision making.  ERA is actively monitoring and reporting on ecosystem health and water quality in Alexander and Lizard Creeks and supports BC implement a systematic water monitoring and publically accessible data that assesses watershed-wide aquatic ecosystem, a data base of water quality/quantity and annual state of our water reports.  ERA supports integrating water issues into land and resource use decision making.  ERA is currently participating in innovative on-the-ground, shared and innovative watershed planning initiatives such as Elk Valley Cumulative Effects Management Framework.  These new partnerships and governance models will require funding and resources to articulate and implement a water sustainability plan for the Elk River watershed."

Please share your ideas on how ERA should get involved in new broad-based opportunities to implement this new legislation.

Read the full report here.

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