Elk River Geocache



The Elk River is an incredible ribbon of life with a vibrant history. It begins frozen in glaciers, high up at  Elk Lakes, and then meanders through the Elk Valley, growing in size, until it reaches it's final destination at Lake Koocanusa. There are many beautiful and significant sites along the way, including historical remnants, biological wonders, and stunning scenery. The Elk River Alliance invites you to investigate and explore these incredible sites along the Elk River on this exciting geocache hunt!


How to Play:

1)   Go to www.geocaching.com and sign up in order to use the Geocaching App (search the GC codes listed below)


2) Enter the coordinates for one of our fourteen different geocaches into your GPS

3)   Get searching! Go for a hike and bring your smartphone or GPS and find that cache! Make sure to bring a notebook and paper if you want to be entered into a draw!

4)    Found the cache? Look inside! Trade for a sticker, read about the Elk River and make sure to sign the logbook!

5)   Read the information provided in the cache and write down the skill-testing question on your paper. If you can, answer it while you still have the information in front of you! It doesn’t have to be long, just a sentence or two, and point form is fine!

6)   Put the cache back where you found it, and make sure it’s hidden so it won’t be found accidentally!

7)   Enter to win a prize by completing the Elk River Geocache Contest Entry Form

8)   Find more caches! The more you find and complete entry forms for, the more chances you have to win!

9)   Wait until BC River’s Day when the winner will be announced!



About the contest:

You must successful complete the Elk River Geocache Contest Entry Form in order to enter the Elk River Geocache draw. For every Elk River Geocache that you find and complete an entry form for you will receive one entry into the Elk River Geocache prize draw. The prize will change annually. A winner will be selected on BC River’s Day in September. If you are selected as the winner you must collect your prize from the Elk River Alliance office, located at 891 2nd Ave Fernie, BC.  



GC codes and GPS coordinates for the 14 different Elk River Geocaches:

1)  Elk River Geocache # 1 – Frozen in Glaciers (Latitude: 50.550567, Longitude: -115.0848)

2)  Elk River Geocache # 2 – The Great Beginning (Latitude: 50.555467 Longitude: -115.099367)

3)  Elk River Geocache # 3 – Nothing Wasted (Latitude: 49.9294759613, Longitude: -114.9018129800)

4) Elk River Geocache # 4 – Boivin Creek (Latitude: 50.0233039912, Longitude: -114.9153130408)

5) Elk River Geocache # 5 – Taking Care of Our Water (Latitude: 49.8819889594, Longitude : -114.8761350196)

6) Elk River Geocache # 6 – Wicked Wetlands (Latitude: 49.737803, Longitude : -114.898196)

7) Elk River Geocache # 7 – Wonderous Waterfalls (Latitude: 49.6281919722, Longitude : -114.9414560292)

8) Elk River Geocache # 8 – The Good News about Wood (Latitude: 49.5226870291, Longitude: -115.0440149847)

9) Elk River Geocache # 9 – At the Water’s Edge (Latitude:4927509781, Longitude: -115.0792440400)

10) Elk River Geocache # 10 – The Great Northern Railway (Latitude:49.4736280013, Longitude: -115.0681130402)

11) Elk River Geocache #11 – Cottonwood Giants (Latitude:49.3943399750, Longitude:-115.0182950310)

12) Elk River Geocache # 12 – The Damdest Things (Latitude:49.29488199, Longitude: -115.103934)

13) Elk River Geocache # 13 – Getting Wiggy on the Elk (Latitude: 49.2442309856, Longitude: -115.0926010218)

14) Elk River Geocache #14 – The Raging Elk’s End  (Latitude: 49.17569702 Longitude: -115.164809)


Good luck, and happy hunting!