Healthy Forests Foster Healthy Fish

In 2014, the Elk River Alliance designed and installed 5 interpretive signs along Lizard Creek in Mt Fernie Provincial Park. The goal of these signs are to educate trail users on how the health of a forest directly impacts aquatic health and water quality. They will understand ways in which they can care for forests and by doing so help fish by demonstrating the following behaviours: 1) do not remove live or dead trees, 2) keep sites clean so litter does not blow into streams, 3) leave woody debris in the creek. Additionally, BC Parks staff and visitors will know where to locate more information and ongoing research about Lizard Creek on the Elk River Alliance website. Lastly, people will know how to join the Elk River Alliance and participate in broader water stewardship activities like the community-based water quality monitoring program by becoming a trained Streamkeeper.