Beth Millions, Executive Director 
MSc Environmental Science

Whether paddling the rapids in the Elk River canyon or sampling the benthic invertebrate populations in one of its many tributaries, I feel most at home when I am outside and near the water. I work to combine my passion for the outdoors with my background in scientific inquiry and education to help protect wild spaces. Working with ERA has been extremely gratifying and varied; our work involves everything from reclaiming eroded stream banks to educating youth on aquatic ecosystems to developing a flood strategy for the Elk Valley. There is never a dull moment with the Elk River Alliance! 



Chad Hughes, Lead Ecologist
BSc Environmental Science

Exploring and learning about this amazing river has been a passion ever since I swapped the Outback deserts for the mountains of the Kootenays. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to use my skills and experience to protect the place we fish, float, and live. I feel the community has a huge role to play in environmental conservation and through the ERA I want to help citizens and visitors of the Elk Valley safeguard the river on which we work and play.




Lee-Anne Walker, Founder & Senior Advisor
MA Environment and Management

As a nature-based tourism guide, environmental educator, and interpretive naturalist, I see the Elk River as the connector of all life.  Water is a unifying element bringing together community resident’s, industry, agencies, and visitors who want to collaborate ensuring healthy water is a legacy worthy of inheritance.  Whether paddling, fishing, swimming or drinking from my well water, the Elk is part of my life-blood.  I want to channel my professional and local knowledge into a water decision-making process that is informed, active, and thoughtful.