Elk River Watershed Valley Bottom Assessment-Report to Residents on River Health, Phase 1 FINAL REPORT

This report assesses the current land cover of the Elk River valley bottom from Elkford to Elko.  The valley bottom is a major ecosystem that provides habitat that is very important for fish, wildlife and watershed function.  Land cover information identifies the current habitat available, including the extent of natural and disturbed areas.  The information from this study is intended to provide valuable baseline data describing current conditions and to be a tool for decision makers in land use planning (e.g. to help maintain or improve conditions into the future). To view report click here.

To view the 4 page summarized Report Card to Residents on valley bottom assessment click here.


Silver Springs Stewardship Solutions Report

Silver Springs Lakes is a natural jewel and recreational magnet - place near Elko that all visitors love but are not leaving in its pristine condition.  To keep Silver Springs beautiful, worth recreating at in the future and protect the area for wildlife requires community input and stewardship.  This reports is based on interviews of on-site users, community on-line survey and further research.  It makes recommendations on community-driven solutions ranging from installing a backcountry toilet, team clean ups, signage and parking.  To view the Final Report click here.  

The state of the water movement in British Columbia: a waterscape scan and needs assessment of B.C. watershed-based groups.

Morris, T. & Brandes, O. (July 2013) The state of the water movement in British Columbia: a waterscape scan and needs assessment of B.C. watershed-based groups. POLIS Project and BC Real Estate Foundation. This document is the first attempt in B.C. to collate the perspectives of the 230 non-profit, non-governmental organizations working to protect lakes, rivers, shorelines and other water resources in B.C. This report is an attempt to understand the collective vision of these groups and their needs.

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Living Water Smart: Information sharing across the water community

Summary & detailed descriptions of online water information resources.

Click here to be directed to BC's Living Water Smart website. 

Community Based Water Monitoring: Bridging Citizens and Decision-Makers

Click here to view Lee-Anne Walker's Masters Thesis, Royal Roads University 2009.

Elk River Water Use Plan

BC Hydro Environmental monitoring 2001-2006, published April 2009

Click here to view report. 

Fernie Liquid Waste Management Plan

City of Fernie current and future plans for waste management, 2009.

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A New ERA in Watershed Thinking

A powerpoint presentation by Allie Dickhout, Program Coordinator with the Elk River Alliance. Allie gives an overview of past results from the FLOW (Friends Living on Water) Conversations, Survey and Interviews (Winter 2011).

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Who Does What in Water?

A powerpoint presentation delivered by Lee-Anne Walker, Executive Director of the Elk River Alliance at the Elk River Watershed Dialogue (May 2012) explaining the various roles and responsibilities of water desicion makers.

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